• Made By Professionals

    RestRant has been created by 2 passionate restaurant owners that couldn’t find the right reservation solution for their new website..
  • Just 5 Minutes Setup

    Anyone can set everything up in just 5 minutes! The software is dead simple to use and support is always.
  • Dead-Simple Installation

    Placing the widget on your website is easy as 1-2-3. No coding or programming required..
  • Compatible

    We are compatible with ALL platforms and visible on all devices, including mobile! Some platforms examples: WordPress, Wix, Facebook….

Welcome to RestRant

RestRant is an online restaurant reservation software that is made so all restaurant owners and chefs could stop ranting and start resting.
Small restaurants can finally get a solution that is not only dead simple to use, but is also 100% free!
Larger restaurants can finally get the solution they need without paying to a 3rd party thousands of dollars.

Forget about reservations aggregators! Start taking reservations right from your own website.